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The SAG USA AK MK2.1 Freefloat Chassis is a complete upgrade solution for the AK platform, for PSA, choose AKM/AK74 (stamped, NOT COMPATIBLE with VEPR, Zastavas, and VSKA)


*Slim version begins shipping at the end of January 2024*


Made in the USA!


  • Optics and Laser/IR Devices are mounted in-line on a monolithic upper rail

  • Optics and Laser/IR Devices DO NOT need to be removed to service/clean the weapon system

  • Great Heat Dissipation allowing safe use of Laser/IR Devices, White Lights, and Tape Switches, as well as gloveless operation (even through 120 rounds of full auto fire).

  • Freefloating Barrel eliminates POI shifts from handling/resting on barricade or cover/bipod use

The MK2.1 Chassis allows the use of factory Iron Sights when installed.

Fits any AK47 \ SAIGA (except .308) \AK74 type of riles with standard AK47 \ AK74 \ AK105 gas system length. WILL FIT Arsenal SLR 104 (5.45x39mm)! 


Precision Machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum, the kit includes the following:

  • Main Mount

  • Gas Tube

  • M-Lok Lower Handguard

  • 1913 Picatinny Rail Upper (also allows for direct attachment of ACOG sights)


Can be end user installed but may require professional gunsmithing in some cases. Slim version requires the removal of the hand guard retainer. Draco's may require fitment.

MK2.1 Chassis System

  • Choose AK-100 for Kalashnikov USA firearms 

    Choose AK-100 for Palmetto State Armory AK-10x series firearms

    Choose AKM for Palmetto State Armory GF series firearms

    Choose AKM for Russian Saiga based firearms

  • Our Standard and Block II Handguards are compatible with the factory handguard retainer. 

    Slim Handguard REQUIRES the REMOVAL of the factory handguard retainer.

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